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chet walker I interview

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

This month we were fortunate enough to not only talk to one legend of jazz, but two! The wonderful Chet Walker joined us to discuss all things Jack Cole. In keeping with our theme, Chet dives into his first experience with Jack (boots and all), and how from that very moment, he was captivated by the man's charisma, passion and of course, talent. Chet's insight and passion for the continual growth, understanding and acknowledgement of Jazz History and in particular the role that Jack Cole played within that history is unbelievably inspiring to say the least. Please enjoy a wonderful hour with the man who has given so much to the jazz community and who is forever reminding us to keep asking 'why'. Enjoy!

Watch Here:

Thanks for tuning in!

Christie Lee Manning

House Of Jazz Company


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