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equity uk I interview

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

Below is our conversation with Lottie from Equity UK! In this short 30 minute meeting, Lottie explains to us what Equity UK is, how it supports us, what it provides for us both professionally and personally, and how it demands integrity within our industry. I highly suggest tuning in to this meeting so you can be informed of the options you have within this resource. Enjoy!

Watch Here:

Here are some helpful links to further your research!

• Subscription Rates (along with information about discounted memberships such as long service and graduate membership)​ can be found here.

Insurances (included in membership and additional cover which can be added for a small extra fee) is found on the First Act website here.

Pension Scheme (including FAQs) can be found here.

• Information about our governing body of elected members, Council, is here.

• Information about the Dance Committee is here.

• Throughout lockdown, Equity ran weekly Zooms on a variety of topics. A recording of a Dance Committee discussion, "What Next for Dance?" is available here.

The Dance Passport, enabling solidarity for dancers abroad can be found here.

Thanks for tuning in!

Christie Lee Manning

House Of Jazz Company


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1 commentaire

Equity is sooo different here than in the US! So this was super informative, thank you!

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