july | industry preparation

Updated: Apr 17

Welcome to your Industry Preparation Masterclass with Raffaella Covino, director and founder of Applause For Thought! Please have a pen and notebook ready for this class.

Time: Approx. 1 hour 30 minutes

Common Fears:

• fear of not being good enough.

• fear of falling behind.

• fear of having burnt bridges.

• fear I won't work (or work again).

• fear I won't get my body back.

• fear of singing in front of people again.

• fear of the industry not actually coming back.

• fear of not graduating.

• fear of not getting in the room.

"Our brains are programmed to focus on the future."


Exercise #1: The Very Beginning

Write down why you began performing in the first place. Relive this feeling and the memories that come with it.

Exercise #2: Achievements or Evidence

Write down all the reasons, all the achievements, all the evidence that you have worked, and therefor will work again.