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inside out theory | mindset masterclass

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

Our Mindset Masterclass with our very own Christie Lee Manning & The Inside Out Theory is now available! This month we tackle the idea of consistency vs quality, linking specifically with our challenge this month. Join Christie as she guides us through an exercise to be able to view how we spend our time and how we would like to spend it going forward. Reflection is our key to change. Enjoy!

Watch Here:

Consistency vs Quantity

"This month, I encourage you all to look at how you spend your time. We've had a lot of conversations this month about our ego's desire to work more, be more productive, and do more things, and how that leads us to the inability to relax and eventually burnout. We always say that quality is more important than quality, and we believe that to be true; how you spend your time is more important that how much time you spend doing said task.

However, dare I say, consistency may be even more important. Quality work time is important, more than quantity, absolutely. But even more so, if you can implement consistency, if you can dedicate even 1-2 hours consistently every day to whatever task you are currently working on or aiming to achieve or master, you will see a vast increase in your productivity and success at said task than you ever could have achieved if your intention was connected to quantity."

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Christie Lee Manning

House Of Jazz Company


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