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Your July Mindset Masterclass with our very own Christie Lee Manning & The Inside Out Theory is now available! This month we spoke about the importance of making your own definition of success instead of blindly following society's (or your community's) definition of success. Christie walks you through an exercise that helps you discover your true definition of both success and failure that is true to you and your values. Enjoy!

Watch Here:

In this Mindset Masterclass, we focused on two exercises:

Exercise #1: Success Bubble

Draw a circle in the middle of your page, large enough to write inside and outside the circle. From there, branch out like a spiderweb and write down anything you think of that defines success for you. Write down words, phrases, quotes, full sentences, feelings, actions, colours, thoughts, you name it.

After you're finished, look at what you've written down. Highlight or circle the things that resonate with you as your true, authentic, genuine definition of success, and cross out the things you wrote down that you can now identify as what you've been 'taught' success is, but isn't in line with your own definition of success.

Exercise #2: Failure Bubble

Repeat the exercise above, but with the word 'failure'.

Make sure you discover your own definition of success, or you will spend your life chasing other people's definition of success, and it will feel like failure.

Thanks for tuning in!

Christie Lee Manning

House Of Jazz Company


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