august | mental skills masterclass

Updated: Apr 17

Welcome to your Mental Skills Training Masterclass with Lauren Richie, founder of The Dance Podcast! Please have a pen and notebook ready for this class.

Time: Approx. 1 hour 30 minutes


• Your brain is programmed to a negative bias.

• When you elevate others, you elevate yourself.

• Emotions have a pattern to them.

• Your brain will always look for the data that you want to confirm.

• Your brain is built to anticipate, i.e. if we are going to feel good or bad post experience.

• Put some of your thoughts on trial.

• All of these tools we give you are nothing without consistent practice.

• Reframe your stress; ask, 'why does this matter?'

Be a scientist, not a judge.

Exercise #1: Write down all of the difficult things that have shown up for you this past week.

Exercise #2: Make a check beside all of the difficult things on that list that you have survived... (it should be all of them, because you're still here, reading this blog!)