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decidedly jazz I interview

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

Our extra interview this month came in the form of a very thought provoking interview with one of Decidely Jazz Dancework's leadership team, Joanne Baker. Joanne dives head first (and with respect) into the company's definition of jazz and what she believes is lacking in today's current iteration of the style.

Watch Here:

A quote shared from Joanne after this discussion...

"Jazz at its core is not a check list. It is community, it is joy, it is expression, it is embodiment of the music. Sometimes, we can get caught up in checking off the boxes to ensure that it 'looks right', rather than ensuring that it feels right. The acknowledgement of the history is a journey, so worthwhile, but like any great journey, it is not a destination alone that fills our souls, but the journey itself. I don’t think I’ll ever reach the 'jazz history end point'. There is so much to know and try to embody. Jazz is not my lived experience in the purest sense, but I can do what I can to bring understanding to my experience by looking to those whose lives from which it was born." Joanne Baker