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6 must take classes in nyc

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

Here is a list of the classes we'd most recommend whilst visiting the city that never sleeps!

our not-to-be-missed

al blackstone (theatre jazz)

If you're looking for a class with a Hollywood feel, this class is for you. This man has a fantastic energy and is the king of subtlety. Get there early, his class will sell out! He teaches at Steps & BDC.

billy griffin (theatre jazz)

This man has an incredible passion for mindset and mental health, and gives an energetic and infectious class. Early sign-up is recommended. He teaches at Steps & BDC.

josh assor (theatre jazz)

This class is the perfect blend of technique, musicality, and conversation. His classes never disappoint and will always leave you challenged and satisfied. Early sign-up is recommended. He teaches at BDC.

nicholas palmquist (commercial jazz)

He lists his class as commercial but that wouldn't be what we would classify it as. It has a beautiful contemporary feel and is the perfect place to throw away your worries about perfect lines and move from a purely emotional place. You will never hear music the same again after this class. He teaches at Steps & BDC.

dana moore (theatre jazz)

A Fosse queen. She teaches at Steps.

diane laurenson (theatre jazz)

One of the best Fosse dancers of all time, and a huge passion for his art. She is dripping with passion, enthusiasm, and love for dance. She teaches at BDC.

a few more...

james kinney (theatre jazz)

One of the five Fosse instated teachers under the Verdon/Fosse Estate. He will bring you all the Fosse favourites accompanied with the correct technique and a little of his own flair. He teaches workshops and masterclasses only at Steps & BDC.

chet walker (theatre jazz)

A protege of Bob Fosse and a real dose of history, knowledge, and education. You may learn more from him speaking than him dancing, but you will also never do a tendu the same way again! He will call you out on all your bad habits in the kindest way, and that's why we love him. He teaches workshops and masterclasses only at Steps & BDC.

studios to visit

what did we miss?

Got a class or teacher you'd like to recommend? Send us an email at

Thanks for tuning in!

Christie Lee Manning

House Of Jazz Company


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