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6 must take classes in nyc

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

Here is a list of the classes we'd most recommend whilst visiting the city that never sleeps!

our not-to-be-missed

al blackstone (theatre jazz)

If you're looking for a class with a Hollywood feel, this class is for you. This man has a fantastic energy and is the king of subtlety. Get there early, his class will sell out! He teaches at Steps & BDC.

billy griffin (theatre jazz)

This man has an incredible passion for mindset and mental health, and gives an energetic and infectious class. Early sign-up is recommended. He teaches at Steps & BDC.

josh assor (theatre jazz)

This class is the perfect blend of technique, musicality, and conversation. His classes never disappoint and will always leave you challenged and satisfied. Early sign-up is recommended. He teaches at BDC.

nicholas palmquist (commercial jazz)

He lists his class as commercial but that wouldn't be what we would classify it as. It has a beautiful contemporary feel and is the perfect place to throw away your worries about perfect lines and move from a purely emotional place. You will never hear music the same again after this class. He teaches at Steps & BDC.