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mastery training | how to not quit

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

Here is your Virtual Mastery Training for the month of February! As requested, this month's topic is: 'How Not To Quit When You're Losing Faith In Your Industry'. There's no way you're giving up, not on our watch. Join us for an hour and we will give you everything you need to not quit on yourself or your craft. Grab a pen, a notebook, your diary, and enjoy!

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The first part in challenging the 'how to not quit' question is the need to discover or return to your why. What do we mean when we talk about your why? Ask yourself the question... 'What is your bloodstream, your backbone, the foundation of why you do what you do?'

The biggest barrier people come up against when trying to discover their why is the feeling they that it has to be something big or a reason that is focused on giving back to the world or being of service. But why can’t it be just because you absolutely have to?

If you are living and leading by example by living bravely and showing up for yourself then you are by result are showing others what it is like to live a courageous and brave life by not settling… would you ever say that that was not enough?

You are an example of what is possible. By showing up everyday you are giving everyone around you permission to do the same if they have not given themselves the permission to do so yet. Brainstorm now what your why is. It does not have to be a perfect sentence but get curious about why this is so important to your soul?

Write down everything that comes to mind. Before you have a chance to judge it. It’s like breaking down a script and you're trying to discover what the need of the character is. You don’t always find it straight away but the more you write down and the more you follow the impulsive information, the more you discover.


We cannot do everything. The statement of, 'if you really wanted to you could', is an incomplete statement. We can want it more than anything but there are numerous other factors that can completely immobilise you in the process. The want is not the issue.

Are you willing to potential fail at the thing that you love as opposed to succeeding at something you don’t love as much?

By choosing to follow your why, you are choosing to potentially fail at the thing you love most. But what is the alternative? It puts into question your definition of success. The example of success that is associated with the choice of succeeding at the thing that you don’t love as much is the exact definition of failure of the thing that you love… which was to never give up.

What are you willing to sacrifice? Time with friends? Financial stability? Popularity? A version of success that everyone else has defined? If you find this question challenging for you, maybe approach it with the opposite question of what are you not willing to sacrifice?


If we didn’t have the belief that, 'we are not good enough', we would have zero fear around entertaining the idea of creating our own work. The only thing that keeps us wanting to be accepted by someone else is the need for someone else to say YES to our talent to prove that we are good enough. Which 9 times out of 10 is only an example of 'situational validation'.

No one has the right to tell you what you can or cannot do. We want you to release the need to be chosen. And once you’ve started work on that we want you to brainstorm the idea or ideas surround the concept of if you were to create your own work for yourself or cast yourself what would that be and what would it look like? What form? Film, live theatre? What scale? What style? What genre? Nobody knows what you are capable of more than you.

Thanks for tuning in!

Christie Lee Manning

House Of Jazz Company


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