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mastery training I how to have ownership over your career

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

Here is your Virtual Mastery Training for the month of July! This month's topic is: 'How To Have Ownership Over Your Career'. Join your fearless leader, Christie Lee Manning, as she walks you through a posed definition of 'ownership', allows space for you to create your own definition, and helps you discover what you do and don't have ownership over in your own life, specifically in your career. We finish with some new habits and exercises to take on that will help shift that ownership to where you most want it. Enjoy!

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Blog Post #1

"One of my sisters is an artist. Like, an amazing artist. She now does it professionally, regularly receiving commissions and teaching courses. Thing is, we didn’t have a clue that she could do this until about five years ago and she is 50! She was an English teacher and we were all absolutely blown away when we first saw her work. She is so good, she finds it so easy. That girl has ownership! Just like you. Ownership is going to be a big theme for us in future. Everyone has ownership in at least one area, no matter how insignificant you may think it is. Even children. Think of when they are obsessed with a particular toy or cartoon have complete ownership over it. They are (A) confidently committed to it, they (B) fully enjoy it because they have given themselves permission and they (C) regularly engage with it (practice!). They talk about it with energy and intention. I have just described the three qualities of ownership, and you have ownership too! In what area I wonder? Have you considered what it feels like to have ownership and how it may feel