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sans drama | filing your taxes

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

Welcome to SansDrama! Join this conversation as you do your annual tax return and it will save you from all the unnecessary stress that usually comes with this task! You're welcome.

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Website Breakdown

1) Register as Self-Employed

- You are not taxed on your income, you are taxed on your profit (understand the difference).

2) Two Incomes: Employed & Self-Employed

- When you're employed, you're taxed at the source (i.e. straight away, off your paycheque).

3) Allowable Business Expenses

- A full list of these is on their website.

4) Doing your Tax Return

- There's a step by step guide you can follow on the Sans Drama website.

SansDrama Web App

1) Free for six months for HOJ Members!

2) Use this code: SDLOVESHOJ to purchase before the Tax Return Party!

- Record what you need for your Tax Return.

- Every time you complete a job, record your income in the app for future reference.

- Every time you spend money on your business, record the amount in the app.

- You can invoice directly from the app.

- It will take note of what you are owed.

Prepare for your Tax Return

1) Government Gateway I.D.

2) Any P60s or P45s

3) Total self-employed income between April 6 2020 & April 5 2021

4) Total allowable expenses between April 6 2020 & April 5 2021

More information:

Thanks for tuning in!

Christie Lee Manning

House Of Jazz Company


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