introduction to sansdrama

Welcome to SansDrama!

Be sure to watch this video before joining us for the Tax Return Party on Friday 22nd May.


Website Breakdown

1) Register as Self-Employed

- You aren't taxed on your income, you're taxed on your profit.

2) Two kinds of income: Employed & Self-Employed

- When you're employed, you are taxed at the source.

3) Allowable Business Expenses

- A full list of these is on their website (#3).

4) Doing your Tax Return

- There is a step by step guide you can follow on their website.

SansDrama Web App

1) Free for six months for HOJ Members!

2) Use this code: SDLOVESHOJ to purchase before the Tax Return Party!

- Records everything you need for your Tax Return.

- Every time you complete a job, record your income in the app.

- Every time you spend money on your business, record the amount in the app.

- You can invoice directly from the app.

- It will take note of what you are owed.

Prepare for the Tax Return Party (Friday 22nd May @ 18:00)

1) Government Gateway I.D. (test it and make sure you can log in!)

2) Any P60s or P45s

3) Total self-employed income between April 6 2019 & April 5 2020

4) Total allowable expenses between April 6 2019 & April 5 2020

See you then!

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