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christie lee manning | casting masterclass

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

Welcome to your Casting Masterclass with Christie Lee Manning!

Please make sure you have a pen and paper ready.

Casting Masterclass: Part One (of Two)

Approx. 20 minutes


Self Tape Tips with Casting Director Karen Casl

• Make sure you can be seen well

• Be front lit and side lit if possible

• Make sure your background is simple & clean

• Make sure you can be heard

• Be on your voice (don't whisper)

• Use judgement on scale of voice (stage vs tv)

• Give yourself someone to speak to

• There is no need to see you move around

• Mid torso and up for theatre, closer shot for film

• No need to stage or mime anything

• You may use behaviour if it doesn't become about the behaviour

• Introductions aren't always necessary, but if you record one, keep it simple

• There is nothing wrong with submitting a couple of takes; it's smart!

• Again, keep it simple!

"Be as relaxed and as 'easy to work with' as possible." - Karen Casl

Casting Masterclass: Part Two (of Two)

Approx. 23 minutes


Industry Tips with:

Producer Debra Kent (Sex and The City)

Commercial Director Clay Williams

• Say yes; you never know where they will lead.

• What's your niche? You do get pigeon holed but you have some control over what that is.

• Think outside the box to get yourself recognised when you're creating your own work.

"As a director, I look for someone who has a strong point of view, are confident in their choice, they have an instinct for the scene, but then can be ready to take a very specific note and deliver the adjustment." - Clay Williams

The Three P's

Don't take a job unless you have 2 out of the 3 P's!

1) Project

2) People

3) Pay

"We have to get over the need to be good because that is just our egos trying to make up for the fact that we don't believe right now in this moment that we are good enough. This is a business. By all means dedicate yourself to your craft for yourself, but the business doesn't care. The business won't find you, so make yourself found." - Debra Kent

Exercise: #1 : Typecast Yourself

• Ask 3-5 trusted friends, colleagues, or teachers what they see your typecast as. Ask them to be as specific as possible, i.e shows, roles, characters, choreographers, etc.

• Typecast yourself: Where do you see yourself working and who do you see yourself playing?

• Look at both lists and circle any similarities.

Exercise #2: Choice Of Industry

What area of the industry would you like to work in: Theatre, Commercial, Company, or Education work? List all that apply, and be as specific as possible.

Exercise #3: Industry Placement

Write down what areas of the industry your typecast fits in to. As always be as specific as possible. List all that apply. Now look and see if they match Exercise #2.

Exercise: #4: Think Outside The Box!

Have fun brainstorming ways that you can make yourself found! If you could create something to showcase yourself and your abilities, what would that look like? Get out the markers and be creative!

Thanks for tuning in!

Christie Lee Manning

House Of Jazz Company


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