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christie lee manning | business masterclass

Welcome to your Business Masterclass with Christie Lee Manning!

This class is divided in two four sections. Please make sure you have a pen and paper ready.

Business Masterclass: Part One (of Four)

Approx. 16 minutes


Exercise #1: What is your relationship with money?

  • There are three currencies, and money is not the most expensive one (in my opinion). The three currencies are: Time (most expensive), Energy, and Money.

  • When you value yourself, you value your money.

  • Be careful of what you say 'no' to when the universe is providing for you, i.e. gifts, compliments, etc. When you say no to the universe providing for you, you are saying no to wealth.

Exercise #2: Decide what your business is.

  • If you are interested in or are currently building more than one business, try to split your companies into no more than three different categories.

"Your mind can't handle more than three things at one time." - Jay Shetty

Business Masterclass: Part Two (of Four)

Approx. 16 minutes


1) Entrepreneurial Business Tactics

  • Professional vs Amateur

  • Dress for the role you want

  • Act as if you are already making that £100,000+ salary

2) Social Media

  • @christaylor.ig on Instagram: How To Build Your Followers

  • Linkedin is growing and a great tool for performers

  • Instagram & Youtube are currently the most prevalent social sites; we suggest investing time in both.

  • Facebook is on a downslope and is not used as much as other social media channels.

This topic is continued on in Part Three!

Business Masterclass: Part Three (of Four)

Approx. 16 minutes


1) Multiple Sources Of Income

  • The 7 Sources Of Income (see photo)

  • How can you create another one or two sources of income? Get creative and think outside the box!

2) Branding & Marketing

  • 4 Point Marketing Strategy

  • Problems You Solve

  • Your Funnel

  • Your Checklist

  • Your Daily To Do List

Business Masterclass: Part Four (of Four)

Approx. 19 minutes


12 Themes for Content

  1. Educational

  2. Gratitude

  3. Documentary

  4. Controversial

  5. Ask A Question

  6. Social Proof

  7. Inspirational

  8. Motivational

  9. News Update

  10. Wins/Successes

  11. What You’ve Learned

  12. Personal Story

Daily To Do List

  • post content

  • ask a question if you can

  • include your hashtags

  • share post with other like minded accounts

  • if applicable, share in 5 groups

  • if applicable, send in direct message to 5 people

  • answer your direct messages

  • direct message your new followers

  • research like minded accounts for content/trending hashtags

  • comment on 5 potential clients to build connections

  • brainstorm on how your product could improve

  • spend 3 minutes messaging others for trade shout outs

  • spend 3 minutes researching trending content

  • have a minimum of 5 prospecting conversations per day

Exercise #3: List 3-5 things you love spending your money on, i.e. travel, convenience, training, food, etc.

Exercise: #4: What would you do if you could quadruple your spending? What would that look like and how would that feel?

Thanks for tuning in!

Christie Lee Manning

House Of Jazz Company


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