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katie deacon | agency preparation

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

Welcome to your Agency Preparation Masterclass with Katie Deacon! This will give you support on your entire professional portfolio. Please have a pen and notebook for this class.

Watch Here:

Time: 2 hours


• you should never feel afraid or anxious to speak to your agent.

• it's a 50/50 relationship. They would for you just as much as you work for them.

• you should feel comfortable saying no to your agent regarding castings or contracts.

• find an agent that's on your side, listens to you, has your best interest at heart, understands where you are now, and even more so, understands where you want to go.

• find an agent that has supreme confidence in you and your ability.

• they need to see where you can go, not just what you can do now.

Agency Submissions:

• CV, dance reel, vocal reel, spotlight profile

• don't bombard them with lots of photos; a headshot and body shot are enough.

• you don't need a link to your dance or voice reel, as it should be on your spotlight.

• you don't need to write an essay for a cover letter; write something current i.e "I recently graduated from...', or 'I am currently playing...'

• before you email agents, look at their clients and what they're doing.

• include, 'I have worked with...' personal connections.

• if you are performing in a show, invite them along and get them a ticket.

• If an agent replies to your email, they're interested.

• include in your cover letter why you're looking for representation and why you are contacting them specifically.

• never slander a previous (or current) agent.

• keep cover letters brief.

• the best time to submit is a Sunday or Monday evening, so your email arrives to them Monday or Tuesday morning.


• have your credits well ordered.

• don't be afraid of the 'highly skilled' section.

• include (even if it's an estimate) vocal range

• the more skills listed the better.

As a Spotlight reference, here is Katie's profile! Click here.

Dance Reels:

• half of Katie's showreel is her in an open or drop-in dance class (and that is ok!)

• don't make it too long; people often make their decision about you in the first 30 seconds.

• make the first 30 seconds your best bit!

• include a variety of styles.

• make sure you are using good quality footage.

Voice Reels:

• a voice memo on your phone is just fine.

• a yeti mic to garageband also works well.

Katie's Recommended Agencies:

Hall James Personal Management

Boland & Reeve

Michelle Blair

Oxford Adams

Paling & Jenkins

Grantham Hazeldiene

Global Artists

Belfield & Ward


Olivia Bell

Keddie Scott


Alastair Lindsay Renton @ Curtis Brown

Felix de Wolfe

Rob Kelly Management

Access Artiste Management

Tildsey & France


Angel & Francis

Burnett Crowther

Jonathan Arun

Cowley Knox & Guy

Russell Smith

Thanks for tuning in!

Christie Lee Manning

House Of Jazz Company


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