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Updated: Jul 12

Our June Member's Meeting is here! This video includes our schedule for the month (a written version of which is in this post), and a glorious heart check-in with Ms. Kirsty Fuller!

Here is an introduction to our June plans! 1) MONTHLY MASTERCLASS Live Masterclass with Alexzandra Sarmiento SUNDAY 20th & 27th JUNE @ 16:00 - 19:00 GMT Location: Flow Dance Studio

Please click here to book your place. Each HOJ Member may choose one Masterclass per month to attend. Zoom links will be sent out the day prior! 2) MONTHLY CHECK-IN SUNDAY 4th JULY @ 17:00 GMT Join us for our monthly update and a heart check in with Kirsty Fuller! Click here to read Kirsty's blog recommendation, or connect via email at

3) MONTHLY INTERVIEW Lisa Stevens I New York City Choreographer of '9 to 5' West End SATURDAY 19th JUNE @ 17:00 - 18:00 GMT Zoom links will be sent out the day prior. 4) THEME Musical Theatre! 5) MONTHLY CHALLENGE No More Over Apologising! This month, we challenge you to curb your over-apologising! How many times a day to we say 'sorry'? How many of those apologies are genuine, and how many are us concerned about whether or not the other person will still 'like us'? Be honest now! This month, we challenge you to replace your 'sorrys' with 'thank you', i.e., "Thank you for waiting for me", or "Thank you for understanding me", or "Thank you for giving me the space to think about that." See how this shifts the conversation for you, and affects your personal empowerment! 6) MEMBER HIGHLIGHT This month, we celebrate Laetitia Coulson! Laetitia is an extremely dedicated artist and family member who has a fantastic hunger for learning, growing, and investing in oneself. She lives and leads by example, and is always ready to show up and try anything. Thank you, Laetitia, for being an invaluable member of our family. YOU ROCK! 7) FACULTY SPOTLIGHT This month, we celebrate Ebony Chana! Ebony embodies jazz like no other faculty member (if you haven't seen her move, just click here to watch her in Sweet Charity), and offers such magnificent freedom in her movement, her work, and her class. She is about to enter rehearsal for Carousal choreographed by The McOnie Company, and we wish her nothing but the best as she re-enters the studio! For more information on Ebony, visit @leggylina. 8) MINDSET TRAINING Live Masterclass with Inside Out Theory SUNDAY 20th JUNE @ 15:00-16:00 GMT This will take place prior to Alex's Masterclass Zoom links will be sent out the day prior. That's it that's all people! Here's our quote for the month:

"We need to start celebrating the journey or the destination will never be enough." - Manning & Harris


THIS IS HOW WE DO IT Christie & James House Of Jazz Company @houseofjazzcompany #trainingwolvesnotsheep

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