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Updated: Jan 28

Here is a recording of our January Member's Meeting! This video includes 30 minutes of our 2021 Membership Plans, and a 30 minute Heart Check-In with the lovely Kirsty Fuller. Enjoy!

Here is a quick recap of our January plans...


This month, due to lockdown, we will have a virtual masterclass with NYC's Josh Assor! This class will be take place via zoom on Sunday 24 January. Zoom links will be sent out shortly.


Our monthly check-in is now complete, but this is a new consistency for each month, and will take place on the first Sunday of every month. Each meeting will be consist of a thirty minute update with Christie & James, and a thirty minute heart check-in with Kirsty Fuller. Our next Member's Meeting will be Sunday 7 February at 17:00 GMT.


Each month we will host a virtual interview with a local or international choreographer, director, agent, or other form of educator. We encourage you to join us for the conversation and ask any questions you have! This month, our guest of honour is Megan Lawson, Madonna's resident choreographer, fellow Canadian, definition of 'find the fun', founder of the Seaweed Sisters (Instagram this immediately), and one of the most phenomenal educators we've ever known. We can't wait to introduce you to her, if you don't already know of her magic. This interview will take place via zoom on Monday 18th January.


Each month we will be focusing on one collective theme to continue our education of this historical style of dance. This month, we’ve chosen Jazz Theatre!


Each month we will be posing a challenge to all of you, and this month, just for 'fun', we've got two!

Mindset Challenge: "If you want to change your life, change your daily routine." What can you add (or possibly remove) to or from your daily routine that can support a change you would like to make in your life? Is it a daily meditation? Is it making time for at least thirty minutes of alone time, or time on your mat, or time with your journal? Consistency is key. If you make a change to your daily routine, you will be changing your life for the better!

Creative Challenge: Design the first House Of Jazz Hoodie! Send in your designs at the end of the month, and one of them will be printed and made in to the first HOJ Hoodie!


This month we celebrate Carlos Rodriguez, also known as Charlie Hatmann! Carlos has created some sensational visual art over the last year, and has recently started his own theatre company in Spain with fellow HOJ Members Alba and Marta. You rock Carlos! Check out some of his work on the ol' Instagram at @charliehatmanart and @thehatmancompany.


Each month we will be celebrating one of our faculty members for being the bold, brave badasses that they are. This month, we celebrate Raffaella Covino of Applause For Thought. She is creating so many opportunities for us to strengthen the mental health of everyone in our industry, and we think (as I’m sure you’d agree) her work is incredibly important. Visit @applauseforthought for more information.


We'd love for you to all take part in our community builder this month! We're creating a HOJ Manifesto (think lululemon bag) and we would love each of you to submit a word or phrase that to you, describes House Of Jazz. Please email us your word or phrase by the end of this month with the subject title of the email 'manifesto'. We appreciate your input!


Each month we will be offering an extra masterclass in either Mindset or Business, also known as your MBM Training (Mindset, Business, Movement). Usually this class will be offered with a small additional fee, but because we're in lockdown this month, we are very happy to provide this class to you this month for free! We will be starting this month with mindset, and we're very excited to welcome back the incredible Zoee Marsh from Australia! If you haven't already taken part or watched Zoee's 2020 Masterclass on the Member's Blog, we highly recommend you do. This class is one that will surely stick with you forever. The date and time of this class is TBC, but it will likely be the last week of January.


Each month, we will be working hard to offer you one additional external event for you to partake in if you wish. This class will be in addition to your membership so will have an additional fee, but it is not mandatory and will likely include a significant HOJ discount. For this month, we are working on providing a Fakedown Masterclass, a virtual 'fake audition' masterclass on how to successfully audition over zoom. This event is still to be confirmed, so stay tuned for more details!


We would like to continue to get to know you all better, and learn more about how we can support you reach your goals for this year. Attached is our new 'Artist Profile'. Please fill it out and send it back to us by the end of this month. If you haven't sent us a headshot, please include this as well. Thank you for helping us help you!

House of Jazz Artist Profile-2
Download PDF • 93KB

That's it that's all people! Here's our quote for the month:

"Striving for 'perfection' is for sheep. Be a wolf. Choose mastery."

LET'S GO 2021.

THIS IS HOW WE DO IT Christie & James House Of Jazz Company @houseofjazzcompany #trainingwolvesnotsheep

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