2020 | faculty list & resources

Updated: Apr 17

Here is a 2020 listing of HOJ local & international faculty members and their online resources!

We wanted to send this to you to continue the support of encouraging you to be proactive about yourself and your career. 

With this list, you can do the following:

1) Research the faculty members that you want to work with, learn from, or identify with in regards to a similar career path. 

2) Look up their biography or CV and see how they got to where they did, and apply their steps to your own journey. 

3) Look up where you can train with them, whether it's online or in person. 

4) Take creative inspiration from their websites, showreels, CVs, portfolios, etc, and apply it to your own content, portfolios, and marketing material.

5) Reach out to them directly if you have a question. Mention you are a HOJ Member and you should get a reply! 

6) Follow them on social media for more inspiration, updates, and to start building a relationship with them if you don't already have one!

No one is going to do this work for you, but if you apply yourself, you will be five steps ahead of the game. Take your journey into your own hands, find the people that inspire you and are doing what you want to do, and research how they got there. See how you can put yourself in contact with them, take their class, send them a message, and research their online presence and material. Don't wait for things to happen. It is about who you know yes, but it's also about WHO KNOWS YOU. So make the most of it!

Lukas McFarlane

Ricky Jinks

Alice Robinson

Amy Laithwaite

Tarik Frimpong

Kino Mchugh

Katie Deacon

Charise Renouf

Raffaella Covino

Stuart Winter

Ebony Chana

Anna Clifford

Omari Carter

Holly France

Christabelle Field

Alexzandra Sarmiento

Rosina Andrews

Rachel Kay

Brian Gillispie

Lauren Richie

Lisa La Touche

Sarah Dolan

Julie Tomaino

Zoee Marsh

Heather Dotto

Heather Laura Gray

Josh Assor

Scott Hislop

Sabrina Phillip

Christina Woodard

Bob Boross

Nathalie Marrable

Christie & James House Of Jazz Company  @houseofjazzcompany  #trainingforprofessionals

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