“Encouraging artists to open their mind,

challenge their body, and inspire their soul.” 

cycle six

18th Jan - 12th Feb 2021

Location: London, UK

10:15 - 15:00

95 hours


Early Bird: £625.00

(HOJ 6 & 12 Month Members 15% off)

Registered before 18 December 2020


Full Price: £675.00 

(HOJ 6 & 12 Month Members 15% off)

HOJ: ADP Cycle Six is your next opportunity  to take part in our Professional Artist Development Program!

Cycle Six takes place over a four week period during the dates stated above. Training will include 15+ different styles with 25+ faculty members covering 100+ years of jazz, along with four extensive study sessions including Jazz History, Personal Discovery, Industry Placement, and Artist Development.

For more information regarding our House Of Jazz: Artist Development Program please scroll down.

New Date!

Taster week

5th - 9th July 2021

Location: London, UK

10:15 - 16:30 

30 hours 


Early Bird: £195.00

(HOJ 6 & 12 Month Members 15% off)

Registered before 5 June 2021


Full Price: £210.00

(HOJ 6 & 12 Month Members 15% off)

Have you been interested in the House Of Jazz: Artist Development Program but haven't had the time to commit four weeks to training or are unsure if this program is for you?

Come and get a taste of how we train at HOJ: ADP in one week! Challenge yourself in every style with our incredible faculty, and get a glimpse into the life changing study sessions run by our founder Christie Lee Manning.

Spend a week investing in yourself with the House Of Jazz: Artist Development Program  Taster Week! 

youth cycle

12th - 16th July 2021

Location: London, UK


30 hours 


Early Bird: £195.00

(HOJ 6 & 12 Month Members 15% off)

Registered before 12 June 2021

Full Price: £210.00

(HOJ 6 & 12 Month Members 15% off)

House Of Jazz now has an annual Youth Cycle! A condensed, age appropriate version of our four week professional level  Artist   Development Program. 


Our Youth Cycle provides a glimpse into what it's like to train in a professional environment with 25+ of the industry's top educators.


Dancers will train in every style that's included on our professional program, plus an introduction to our study sessions which includes Jazz History, Personal Development, Artist Development, and Career Development. 


If you are a pre-professional dancer ages 13-17 years, this program is for you! 



House Of Jazz:

Artist Development Program 


is a post graduate transitional program designed to prepare dance artists for a career in the theatre jazz arts. It is an enlightened approach to dance education, changing the skyline of the entertainment arts by moving young artist into greatness. 


We believe the strongest artist trains their trilogy: mind, body, and soul. Our class structure is outlined to follow this structure.


Each day will consist of 4.75 hours of training, commencing with 1.5 hours of study (mind), followed by 1.5 hours of movement (body), concluding the day with 1.75 hours of style or choreography (soul). 


HOJ ADP is a four week program, Monday to Friday, 10:15-15:00. During this time you will learn how to master your creative mind, understand your typecast and place within this industry, strengthen your technical foundation, and gain the versatility in the history of jazz movement. 


Our program consists of over twenty faculty members, each with an abundance of knowledge and experience ready to share within an intimate classroom setting. Dancers will enjoy learning in a safe yet challenging environment, led by instructors that they can connect to on a professional level. 



House Of Jazz: 

Artist: Development Program 

provides artists with 30+ hours each of personal and artistic development, technical foundation training, and jazz choreography exploration. This includes:


Study | Mind

(8.75 hours per week)

Jazz History, Personal Discovery, Inside Out Theory, Industry Placement, Typecasting, Goal Setting,  Artist & Career Development

Movement | body

(7.5 hours per week)

Ballet, Jazz Technique, Matt Mattox, Social & Contemporary Partnering, Improvisation, Body Percussion, Acting For Dancers, Yoga

choreography | Mind

(7.5 hours per week)


Swing, Hollywood, Jazz History I (Jack Cole) & Jazz History II (Jerome Robbins), Fosse, TheatreJazz, Latin, Commercial, Contemporary, Jazz Theatre 


Artists attending this program will leave with an extensive understanding of jazz movement, confident in their technical ability, and with a clear perspective as to who they are and what they want to achieve within their industry.

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Cycle Six

18th Jan - 12th Feb 2021

10:15 - 15:00

London, United Kingdom






Founder | Director

Christie Lee Manning

Assistant Director

James Harris